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K. But What Does it All Mean?

If I Don’t Have It, No One Will!

What Can I Get You?

You Blithering Idiot

Use Your Voice

Material Girl

You Can’t Always Get What You Want

  • “MOM! Can I get the fun cereal, just this once pleaseeee?” I was of course referencing the kinds with shapes and marshmallows. “No honey, you have enough of that at your Father’s on his weekends with you. Lord knows you don’t need anymore sugar,” my self proclaimed nutritionist Mother said. ...

  • I was spoiled as fuck growing up. I’m not ashamed of this, nor am I gloating. It’s simply a fact, so why hide the truth of the matter. I’m a material, a material girl. Thanks for the anthem Madonna. Madonna of Michigan, guess we have a thing or two in common. However, the queen of pop does have a brother, and I was not blessed (or maybe cursed) with such things. ...

  • This title may be too inspirational. It sounds like a political party’s slogan, or a song by R Kelly. Just kidding, this is post Surviving R Kelly. Take that as you will, and do yourself a favor and watch the docuseries if you’re looking to be horrified. ...

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