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Who the Hell am I?


What does that even MEAN?  It can mean a plethora of things, and only the sender can possibly know the extent to the multi-faceted meaning.  It’s mysterious…K is, and for that reason I’ve always despised it. I pride myself on being able to read between the lines, but K does not apply.  K can mean anything, and everyone views and interprets K differently.

Ask anyone who knows me to describe me, and the answers will be quite diverse.  No two the same, and people translate the quirks and energy I bring to the table various ways.

I am K.  I am an only child, who grew up in West Michigan in a broken family.  I was raised by the media, and hundreds of books which infiltrated my mind with information of the outside world.  I’ve always been obsessed with psychology, and what makes people tick. I am what I love, and not who loves me (preach Fall Out Boy).

I’m often bored, but there are many things and activities I engaged in to keep me busy growing up.  Some of them are sprinkled throughout this playful 90’s site. I never truly felt like I belonged in my environment, and longed to escape to a land with more diversity and dreams.  I’ve always been too bright for my own good, and narcissistic enough to know it.

I’m that person people say “that would only happen to you.”  Britney Spears once sang “she’s so UNlucky” about me, but Jive records made her change it to the popular version you know and love today.  I have lived more than most people I know twice my age.

I’m a millennial living in LA suffering from crippling anxiety.  No one notices it because I’m also an actor, similar to every other human being in LA.  The only difference is I’m actually a good one (ba dum cymbol).*

I often do things for journalistic purposes, only to regret them later.  I’m an insomniac, and am currently writing this on 3 hours of sleep. Everything keeps me up at night.  I have horrid ADD, and my paragraph structure (or lack thereof) will give that straight away. I rely on my planner and lists to function.

I’m an outstanding friend, but I prefer to be alone.  I thrive when solo, just me and my thoughts, and my colored pens.  I’m independent, funny, passionate, sarcastic, confident, dramatic, realistic, materialistic, energetic, blunt, inappropriate, anal, eccentric, level headed, artistic, impossible, one of a kind.

I’m K. and you can interpret what that means to you once you read me.  As Rupaul says the library is open, and honey you don’t hafta be Belle to enter.

*Side note I’m not really an actor professionally, but aren’t we all just actors trying to figure out who the hell we actually are on a daily basis? Too deep for an intro?  Well prepare yourself, cuz I’ma have you in your feelings like Aubrey Graham. Who is this woman you ask? Oh, it’s Drake (mind blown unless you a real one). Now get on with your bad self to the good stuff, aka the home page.

  • “MOM! Can I get the fun cereal, just this once pleaseeee?” I was of course referencing the kinds with shapes and marshmallows. “No honey, you have enough of that at your Father’s on his weekends with you. Lord knows you don’t need anymore sugar,” my self proclaimed nutritionist Mother said. ...

  • I was spoiled as fuck growing up. I’m not ashamed of this, nor am I gloating. It’s simply a fact, so why hide the truth of the matter. I’m a material, a material girl. Thanks for the anthem Madonna. Madonna of Michigan, guess we have a thing or two in common. However, the queen of pop does have a brother, and I was not blessed (or maybe cursed) with such things. ...

  • This title may be too inspirational. It sounds like a political party’s slogan, or a song by R Kelly. Just kidding, this is post Surviving R Kelly. Take that as you will, and do yourself a favor and watch the docuseries if you’re looking to be horrified. ...

Caught the syndrome?

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