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You Can’t Always Get What You Want

“MOM! Can I get the fun cereal, just this once pleaseeee?” I was of course referencing the kinds with shapes and marshmallows.

“No honey, you have enough of that at your Father’s on his weekends with you. Lord knows you don’t need anymore sugar,” my self proclaimed nutritionist Mother said.

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Stu is one fourth part of the RCA Record’s band 7715.  He is a producer, and frequently collabs with other artists as well.  He moved around a lot when he was younger, due to his Stepdad being in the military.  He now resides in Los Angeles, with some of his bandmates.  Stu and I met through our mutual friend Mat (from ITSALLABOUTMAT)

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Material Girl

I was spoiled as fuck growing up. 

I’m not ashamed of this, nor am I gloating.  It’s simply a fact, so why hide the truth of the matter.  I’m a material, a material girl. Thanks for the anthem Madonna.  Madonna of Michigan, guess we have a thing or two in common. However, the queen of pop does have a brother, and I was not blessed (or maybe cursed) with such things. 

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What a date it is, 9/19/19.  I did not do that on purpose, although I am very pleased with myself it was the case.  However, my favorite date of all dates is 09/27. Why you ask? Isn’t it obvious? It was the day I came into this interesting world we inhabit. 

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Use Your Voice

This title may be too inspirational.  It sounds like a political party’s slogan, or a song by R Kelly. Just kidding, this is post Surviving R Kelly.  Take that as you will, and do yourself a favor and watch the docuseries if you’re looking to be horrified.

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Jordan is a renaissance man from Indiana.  He is currently working on his latest musical project Onlychild. He now lives in Los Angeles, with his wife and several children (animals).  Jordan and I met long ago through mutual friends in the music industry.  We recently became closer pals due to our love of throwback dance parties, and cute and fun things.

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Writing A Memoir Sux

To All Inflicted with OCS: 

I often wonder if there is anything I have ever cared about, as much as I have cared about this project.  My entire life has been centered around storytelling, and I’ve yearned for the opportunity to tell my tales.  I have an odd need for understanding, I NEED people to understand why I act in certain ways. I explain these actions through a series of behavioral psych evaluations, which is normal right?  I’ve been insanely introspective my whole life, and I want to know the why of everything.

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You Blithering Idiot

“Is it the cheese? Is it too thick?” My father asked across the table to his eldest brother, as he chuckled to himself. 

I was on the couch in the living room.  I turned around and kneeled so I could peer directly into the kitchen, and catch this exchange.  My uncle sat at the table eating the pizza we ordered, and he appeared to be choking.  

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Charlize Theron is Famously Inflicted

Charlize Theron and I could’ve been sisters in another life.  Mostly because of our similar physicality, and names that scream star power.  Says the girl who ate cotton candy ice cream for breakfast, and whose parents named her after a letter.  An infuriating, vague letter at that.

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Mat is an only child from Wisconsin, who grew up with a single mother on a farm. He now lives in Los Angeles, and is the artist behind Cut and Canvas. Mat and I met through mutual friends in the music industry. Both part of Slytherin House, and were immersed in the Warped Tour scene back in the day.

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What Can I Get You?

It was dinner o’clock, and the age old question came about.  My eyes scanned the room as I tried to make up my mind on what I wanted to eat that night.  Do I stick to one of my favs, or do I step off the beaten path?

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If I Don’t Have It, No One Will!

I could really use a new backpack, one like Dora’s trusty friend who always seemed to come in clutch on an adventure.  Dora appeared to always be packed for a day at daycare, which is exactly where I needed a tote full of survival supplies…

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So many acronyms in today’s day and age, who knows wtf they all really mean? Seeing as I am a millennial, I will embrace my love for the language of abbrevs. This is another to add to the mix, Only Child Syndrome (OCS)…

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